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Naturopathic Medicine at Maine's Ecological Wellness Clinic

Our Vision
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Naturopathic Doctors

Changing the landscape

of what medicine means in Maine

Contemporary naturopathic doctors are rooted in time tested tradition

 backed by cutting edge clinical knowledge and experience.

Place your care into the hands of the

experts in natural medicine.

Our medicine, like Maine,

comes from the soil and the sea. 

All we treat and prescribe is derived from what nature has given.

Whether it's laboratory testing, dietary therapeutics,

herbal medicine, timely medications or

comprehensive wellness plans.

We have you covered each step of the way.

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Ecologic Medicine

Medicine From Maine's Roots

Maine and its people have always been deeply connected to the land and community.

We feel that your healthcare should come from that same place.

Ecologic Medicine has a vision in uniting personal healthcare and wellness to the ecosystems we live in.

We are making it a priority to source as many treatment options from local Maine businesses as possible.
This includes connecting patients to local stakeholders to get involved, and get active in whatever manner resonates to each individual.

The connection between health and environment is direct.

So Ecologic reinvests a portion of it's profits back to

Maine forests and coasts each year.

Love your home, no matter how you use it. #Maine

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Digestive complaints are uncomfortable.

We work with patients experiencing issues from top -to- bottom: GERD/Heartburn, Celiac, IBS,

Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's, and more

Diabetes + Insulin Resistance

1 in 10 Americans have diabetes.

1 in 3 have prediabetes. 

You're not alone and we have solutions.


Nobody likes being tired.

Get the support you need to be more energized-at home, at work, for your family. For life.

Women's Health

Cycles, menopause, hormone balancing,

fertility and sexual health. 

No matter how many moon's and sun's have cycled

Find your support 

Pink Flowers
Stress + Anxiety

Life looks differently for each person. 

Highs and lows

Continually moving on a spectrum.

No matter where you're at, we'll meet you there.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is often difficult

to treat, diagnose and understand.


Schedule a visit to see a doctor who understands.


Almost 70 million Americans have a sleep disorder.

Let's talk about making that one person less.

Cancer Support

Ecologic Medicine offers adjunctive cancer support to patients currently diagnosed with cancer or those who are survivors in remission.

Aloe Vera Plant

High blood pressure and heart disease affect all aspects of the body.

It's time we have a heart to heart.

Heart Disease and High blood pressure

Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto's, Interstitial Cystitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, and more.

Men's Health

Bladder, urinary and sexual health.

You shouldn't feel uncomfortable to be your best.

Physical Medicine

Acute and chronic pain.

There are a multitude of

options available.

You deserve to be pain free.

Food Sensitivities

Sometimes you need to trust your gut and find a provider who has specialized training in nutrition and food as medicine.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal therapies have been a cornerstone of medicine for millennia. Today's world is no different. 

Find support with what is time tested, and validated by emerging science.

Genetic Testing

Your journey started long before you were born.

Find personal support to what your story has to offer to your health. 

Stained Tree

Bodies Are Complex, Treatment Shouldn't Be

Natural Medicine




Office Visits

One hour initial visit

with your doctor

No rushing, no dismissal

You deserve nothing less.

Following up?

We value your time

and your presence.

45 minute follow ups available



Wellness Plans

Sometimes you may feel like you need a little extra support

Ecologic Medicine

has you covered.


We will be offering a wellness subscription package to those who want a little bit more care or who desire a tune up every now and then.

PIne Tree Branch

Functional Labs

and diagnostics

Two core naturopathic principles are to:

Identify and treat the cause


Treat the whole person

We'll work with you to find the labs and diagnostics to get to the bottom of what's going on.

Natural Therapies

Pink Illustrated Flower

Ecologic works with the most reputable brands both locally and nationally

Bringing you the highest quality herbs, vitamins, supplements and more

Your treatment plan

custom made.

Everybody is different.

Ecologic Medicine is committed to both you and the Environment

We offset all carbon emissions made from your office visit

Including the travel to and from your home

Nature doesn't stop at the forest

So why should your healthcare stop at the clinic?


Reach out with any questions


Call to schedule an appointment


For general inquiries please use the form below

For medical care questions or prescription refills - please contact us at our phone number listed or use the patient portal

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